The HEDDA project is dedicated to the development, maintenance and performance of contemporary chamber music with simple and clear principles:

-) To play the current music of our time.

Only music that was specially composed for this project in the 21st century will be interpreted.

-) Maintaining the musical language of our time.

Only acoustic chamber music is played. The composers are asked to write for purely acoustic instrumentation and pay special attention to the subtleties of sounds and the tonal language of the 21st century.

-) To maintain the format of chamber music.

The project is dedicated to maintaining chamber and house music in the traditional sense. The small / mobile line-up enables the project to give concerts almost everywhere and thus bring the music of our time back to the places where we live and directly to people. The language, communication and gestures of the music of the 21st century should be made directly tangible for people again.

For the duo’s first program studies in intimacy, the composers Peter Ablinger, Hannes Dufek, Tamara Friebel, Susanna Gartmayer, Veronika Mayer and Gunter Schneider were invited to share their thoughts about the chamber music of our time.

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